Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Water Heater Fire in Vero Beach, FL Garage

We were called out to this job after the water heater in this Vero Beach, FL garage caught fire. The garage was covered in soot and extinguisher chemicals. Than... READ MORE

Total Loss to Total Restore for this Vero Beach, FL Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called out to remediate and restore this home after it had been totally consumed by fire. These pictures are a very dramatic represent... READ MORE

Fire in Vero Beach, FL Kitchen

The homeowner had placed a pan of bacon in the oven to bake for breakfast. About 15 minutes into cooking they noticed a burning smell and smoke seeping from the... READ MORE

Dryer Fire in Vero Beach, FL Home

We received a call from the owner of this home after lint build-up had sparked a dryer fire. The washer and dryer were located on the second floor. Thankfully, ... READ MORE

Small House Fire in Vero Beach, FL

We were called to this property to mitigate damage left behind by a small fire. The homeowner was vacuuming when they smelled something burning. To their shock ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Fort Pierce

Imagine the terrible experience of smelling smoke in your home and then realizing it was a room that was on fire. This is what happened to a SERVPRO customer. T... READ MORE

Grease Fire in Vero Beach Kitchen

Flames and smoke from a grease fire spread quickly in this kitchen, leaving behind significant damage. We were called to the property after the fire department ... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Sebastian Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach got a phone call the morning after this home experienced a fire. The owners said that there was an electrical fire which started in the at... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Cleanup In Vero Beach Home

A golf cart battery was brought inside a home in South Vero Beach to recharge at an outlet when suddenly there was an explosion. The battery caught fire and cov... READ MORE

Residential House Fire In Vero Beach

This fire was luckily contained after the fire department removed the smoldering appliance from the home. The before picture shown here is the aftermath of the... READ MORE

Fire in the Hole

Fire damage destroyed this bathroom and SERVPRO of Vero Beach restored it to brand new. The drywall, and everything in the bathroom was removed. The studs and s... READ MORE

Dangers Lurking in the Kitchen

When we visit your home after a fire loss, we will scope the effected areas to determine the extent of the loss. We will always pretest affected surfaces to det... READ MORE

Bedroom on Fire

This bedroom is an example of what happens when a room is consumed in smoke and flames. Homeowners are already besides themselves and really need someone they ... READ MORE

Faulty Electrical Fire

Fires from faulty electrical wiring or a lightning strike can have the same effect on a Vero Beach property. Significant fire-damaged building elements like ins... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Cleanup and Reconstruction

Electrical Fire caused soot and damage throughout a home. Here we deodorized and provided reconstruction services to the entire house including this laundry roo... READ MORE

Spotted Sky Light Cleaned

No shortage of sore arms after this fire job. The kitchen fire may have been caught early, but the fire does its damage quickly. The soot finds its ways in be... READ MORE

Soot Layers

Fires can be devastating. They leave visual damage as well as non visual damage such as smell. After a kitchen stove caught fire, SERVPRO Vero Beach was calle... READ MORE

Content Haul Off

After a fire ravaged through a home in Vero Beach, Florida, the yard was littered with content that had to be hauled off to the dump. The items seemed endless ... READ MORE

Ammunition Gone Wild

When a local gun range had an amateur shoot a flare accidentally it sparked a fire and burned the rubber producing tons of soot, smoke, and damage. The fire de... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When the stove caught fire it unleashed a fire so great that the entire kitchen had to be gutted and restored. It was a devastating loss for the home owner. T... READ MORE