Commercial Photo Gallery

Water Damaged Carpet

The Bigger They Are...

It doesn't matter how tall the building may be, we can still remediate all water damage! Just look here, this photo was taken about ten stories off the main floor!

Bright green SERVPRO truck amongst the green trees and and bushes

Can You Spot the SERVPRO Truck?

Can you spot our SERVPRO truck nestled and camouflaged among the trees? Our crew will go at lengths to bring restoration to your property.

Have you ever seen any of our bright green vehicles on the road? Give the driver a wave as you pass by!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach is ready for your need! Call (772)770-0501

Law Office Slab Leak

When you are working at your cubicle, you do not expect for your feet to feel squishy carpet under the desk. It was a slab leak that once fixed, we dried out in no time.


Even barns can flood out due to pipes bursting as shown in this picture. Not only did this barn had to be treated and cleaned, but the adjoining office as well.

Backed Up During Open House

It is exciting for a realtor to have an open house in hopes a potential buyer will come through and like what they see.  However, never did they expect the sewage to back up during the day.

Quick Service For Local Business

When a rain storm overwhelmed the roof of a local business, water poured in.  Being a small town, our guys were able to arrive less than 45 minutes after the call even being an after hours call.  We got it cleaned up with no business interruption for them.

Dental Downer

A local dentist office had a complaint of a musky odor.  When we removed some furniture we could see that constant moisture provided the perfect atmosphere for mold growth.  We successfully remediated with minimal business interruption.

Commercial Water Leak in Vero Beach, FL

An A/C leak caused water damage in a vault during working hours.  The manager was able to call us right away and minimize the damage.  The business was able to remain open the entire day.

Commercial Water Damage from Rain and Roof

A local business suffered a water loss when the rain poured in from the roof.  The business was affected in the middle of the night, but our technicians were able to get there quickly and clean up the damage before sunrise.

Subsequent Water Damage in Vero Beach

Due to a leak in an adjoining business, the water seeped through the walls due to the slight decline in the parking lot structure.  It puddled prominently in one spot in a liquor store.

Raining Inside

When we arrived on the scene, the office employees were trying to minimize the water damage by collecting it in tin bowls.  The second floor of this office flooded and started to pour onto the first floor through the roof.  

Minimum Time Record To Reopening

After Hurricane Irma plowed up the state of Florida, sand bags could not prevent the intense storm surge from entering a local restaurant.  Fortunately, they were the first ones we attended to and they were able to open the restaurant that night for dinner.

Lunch and Learn

The owner of SERVPRO, Jimi Tunstall gives a short presentation about SERVPRO of Vero Beach to Billero and Billero Realty.  During Lunch and Learns, we provide lunch for the agents and answer any questions they may have about our business. Call us today to schedule your Lunch and Learn.

Containment At A Local Business

In order to prevent further contamination of an office in Vero Beach, we set up a containment door.  As you can see the room is still accessible and is able to keep the mold contained to a specific area while our crew works hard to clean it efficiently without spreading the spores to unaffected areas. 

Church Water Loss

A church in Vero Beach suffered a loss due to a broken main line that caused significant water damage to the local church. Our technicians at SERVPRO were hard at work to remove all water and start the drying process. Our heavy duty drying equipment was up to the task and we had the church back up before Sunday service.

SERVPRO's Rapid Response for Your Commercial Needs!

There is no commercial job to big or to small that our team is not equipped to manage. From the small residential jobs to a full-blown commercial water loss, SERVPRO of Vero Beach will get you up and running in no time. SERVPRO had this commercial plant dried and within hours the business was fully operational again. Call us for your remediation needs at (772)770-0501.