Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

woman handing food to Servpro of Vero Beach team

Surprise Breakfast

Today was a good day at SERVPRO of Vero Beach! We got free breakfast from our lovely media girl,Gina. 

SERVPRO Of Vero Beach


Man in PPE holding up a Certified: Servpro Cleaned sticker

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program that goes beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning, it’s a higher standard of clean. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning that helps ensure the cleanliness of the restaurants, businesses and public spaces in the communities we all call home. Are you interested in a free quote or wants to learn more about the program? Call us today! 772-770-0501

Man in PPE setting up equipment in moldy room with the words “Here to help.”

Got Mold? Call SERVPRO of Vero Beach!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach understands that prompt action is required to prevent the spread of mold. If you have experienced a water loss, it is important to begin the drying process as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of mold. If lingering moisture in your property has already led to mold growth, our team of professionals can help by providing a plan to mitigate the mold growth and damage to your property. In either case give our office a call at, 772-770-0501. We are “Here to help.”

Green graphic describing three signs of mold

Signs of Mold

Have you recently noticed a musty or earthy smell in your property? Has there been an increase of moisture in the air of a particular room? Have you been experiencing health effects?  These are all signs you may have mold. Give our office a call at, 772-770-0501 to set up an appointment with our expert mold assessor. We are here to help!

A doorway with containment

Safety is Our Priority

Containing an area with mold is always our first step to mold remediation, without it, mold could easily spread from one affected room to the entire home. Call us at 772-770-0501 for all your mold removal needs!

Small Amount of Mold

Big or Small

Whether mold takes up majority of your wall or is just the size of a quarter, the health effects are the same, more mold just speeds up the process. Call us at 772-770-0501 to help prevent the any further growth.

Mold behind Cabinet

Mold Spread

If mold grows for just a few weeks, or even days, its entirely possible that they could cause the collapse of your cabinets whether they are old or new and start to spread throughout your home to cause immense damage without you even knowing. Give us a call at 772-770-0501 for mold remediation to prevent such a disaster.

Mold inside a Cabinet

Mold Removal in Indian River County

To make sure you stay healthy, call SERVPRO of Vero Beach to remove any and all mold you have in your home to keep yourself and others safe. With mold causing a great variety of health issues, please contact us at 772-770-0501 to remediate the problem properly.

Picture of 3 men sitting and one standing talking to each other

Quality time with our work family.

Before our morning WIP meeting, Jimi and the SPVB crew catch up on events after a quiet weekend spent with loved ones.



Group of men sitting around a table in the garage eating pizza

We love our team!

Jimi and Micheal surprised our techs with pizza while they were out working on a mold job! We appreciate all their hard work!



Clean and Seal

Once we have established mold growth, we make sure to eradicate it completely by cleaning and sealing.  For more info, call us today.  (772)770-0501.  SERVPRO of Vero Beach can help!

Crawling Mold

Extensive mold growth as seen here, requires professional assistance who use specialized equipment.  If you have any concerns about mold, call SERVPRO of Vero Beach today! (772)770-0501.  We can help!

What Lies Beneath

One may never really know the extent of mold growth until they remove the flooring and expose what is underneath.  If one only cleaned the top surfaces, then all of this mold beneath would have just continued to grow and fester.  We are always aware and thorough.

Moldy Magazines

This home had a lot of content to begin with, but one thing that really stood out was how moldy even the magazines were.  Mold loves books, magazines, and all paper products for sure!

Importance of Thoroughness

With the strong odor of mold in this house, it was imperative to due our due diligence to find where it was coming from.  The techs knew to remove the baseboards in a closet to discover the pesky mold growth.

Layers of Mold

Mold grows rampant it seems in Florida homes.  With the amount of storms and snow birds we get here, it only makes sense.  This is a picture of a hamper covered with layers of mold.  If I told you how many mold spores can live on the tip of a pencil, it would make your stomach turn.

Narcissistic Mold Growth

Proof right here that mold does not limit itself to grow only in dark, unexposed areas.  It has no problem attaching itself to the full sized mirror underneath the cascade of luminescent lights to stare at itself all day long.  It did not end well for this mold.  SERVPRO once again made it "Like it never even happened."

Extreme Mold

With the right source and environment, mold can grow quickly and cover entire areas as it did in this extreme case.  With the tenant a snowbird, the mold was left unnoticed until a handyman entered and was shocked at what he found. 

Extreme Mold

With the right source and environment, mold can grow quickly and cover entire areas as it did in this extreme case.  With the tenant a snowbird, the mold was left unnoticed until a handyman entered and was shocked at what he found. 

Fuzzy Mold

This is a picture of one an extreme mold case that we were called out to.  The entire house had wall to wall mold that looked like a fuzzy, stubbly beard was growing every where. 

Mold Damage

This is what happens when water intrusions are not quickly and PROPERLY mitigated: mold growth.  Here you'll see a contamination extending a good foot high off the floor. At the time of a flood, many property owners tell us, "It'll dry on it's own." What some owners don't realize, is if it takes too long to dry the home is at risk of getting mold damage. 

Mushrooms Growing Out Of Ceiling

This is a rare occurrence, but at SERVPRO of Vero Beach we have seen it all! This property had mold damage developed to a degree, that mushrooms started sprouting out of the painted ceiling. Assessment testing was done and revealed high levels of mold spore count. SERVPRO cleaned it up and received a passing clearance test on first attempt.