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Fridge Line Leak Behind Fridge

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Fridge Line Leak Behind Fridge Line leak behind fridge.

The homeowners were not immediately aware that their fridge line was faulty until enough water accumulated and began to show.  They did the right thing calling us, SERVPRO of Vero Beach.  They said their neighbor happened to be over and recommend calling us.  Thank you neighbor!  Each SERVPRO is individually owned and operated, but each ones strives to give each job their best.  Some wood and drywall needed replaced in this job and the rest was an easy dry-out.  The fridge line was replaced and the homeowners were pleased with the work performed.  They said if the time arises, they too would recommend SERVPRO to someone in need.  We thank all of our referrals.  Word of mouth is an amazing tool in a small town like Vero Beach.

Storm's First Glance

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm's First Glance Storm rolling in.

During all the much needed rain here in sunny Florida, there is a possibility of flooding. 

Thunderstorms can have devastating effects with high winds, heavy rains and even trees down. When disaster happens know who to call!

Having the SERVPRO of Vero Beach number 772-770-0501 ready will give your home or business a leg up when there is a storm. Mitigating the damage quickly will save time and money on your storm loss.

If the restoration and mitigation efforts begin within the first five hours of the appearance of water in the home or water in the business, the chances of a successful restoration and mitigation of the damage is nearly certain. However, if the water cleanup efforts are delayed past the first 24 hours, it becomes increasingly likely that the property will sustain permanent damage.

DO NOT hesitate to call SERVPRO of Vero Beach!

Knocked Out Power

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Knocked Out Power Mold growing on a wall after storm.

After a storm rolled through our area, it knocked out power for days.  Upon restoration of power, this home had blown a fuse so their air never did come back on.  Following weeks of being unoccupied with shutter still up and high humidity, the mold began growing.  We have a particular way to clean mold and unlike many companies, we guarantee our work.  We will provide a pre-test and a post-test.  We will continue to follow up with our clients as well to make sure they are still satisfied in the following weeks.  Mold can be a scary thing to customers, but it is not scary to us.  If you suspect you have mold, do not mess with it.  Instead, call the

Slab leak

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Slab leak Slab leak caused flooded office and stalls.

When this business called about a slab leak, they would not have had such a big emergency, but the water started entering the attached office.  This business has stalls where horses were kept.  These stalls had to be cleaned out as well.  Yucky smells for the production team but worth it getting to work around these magnificent, beautiful animals.  The slab leak was fixed by a local company and we were able to get the office and stalls dried out within a day.  It is a good day when a business does not have to close down for the day.  We were able to work around their day and schedules.  If I didn't know any better, I would say the animals were pretty pleased too.

Boat Business with a Leak

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Boat Business with a Leak Drying out a business.

As seen in this picture, it wasn't actually a boat this time that needed our services, it was their office.  After a water heater leak, the owners told us they were so glad it occurred during working hours.  This allowed them to be able to shut off the valves and minimize damage.  The water was extracted and air movers were strategically placed.  Business was not interrupted for long and they raved about that.  This company was definitely fortunate.  There are so many instances where we see the disasters occur when no one is there, making bigger messes and bigger headaches. Not that this one wasn't, but they were definitely grateful it was during working hours for sure.  Call us today with any questions.  SERVPRO of Vero Beach.

Hauling off Debris

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hauling off Debris Debris in one of our dumpsters.

When storms roll through our area, we may have different levels of debris.  Same thing in the mitigation world.  Sometimes we are able to salvage furniture, drywall, etc...  Other times we have to discard most of it if not all of it.  We definitely do our best in trying to salvage as much as possible.  We understand there are certain items that may have sentimental value and will give our honest opinion in what can be saved.  Mold especially when growing rampant, is not merciful.  It loves to grow on what it can.  After a storm it is best to clean up quickly and not give mold a chance to grow.  Drying out immediately is ideal especially in this environment where it can get humid and muggy quick.

In Between Tenants

3/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage In Between Tenants Standing water in this flooded home.

In this beautiful home that is located in a development had flooding due to a faulty water heater in the laundry room. The home was currently empty and in between tenants.  By the time the damage was known the main level was flooded.  When the crew first arrived, they discovered there was standing water throughout the structure, the wooden trim, drywall and hardwood floors had been damaged. The crew proceeded to extract the water from the structure, remove baseboards and hardwood flooring. The crew then placed 30 air movers and 4 dehumidifiers to begin the drying process.  There ended up being an amazing phenomenon where the water beaded on every surface including the ceiling, walls, blinds, and windows.  If this ever happens to you, call us at (772)770-0501.

Negligent Neighbors

3/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Negligent Neighbors Ceiling collapses after upstairs leak.

A home owner thought she was doing her due diligence when she hired a friend to check on her home once a week while she was away.  Unfortunately, the neighbors who live above her where not so thoughtful.  They left town and did not turn their water off.  When the home owners friend came to do the weekly check, he was shocked when he opened the front door and water gushed out.   Water had poured from the water heater upstairs, following gravity and flooding the poor ladies home beneath.  The ceiling collapsed and every room except the kitchen ended up ruined.  The home owner had just redecorated the home six months prior and was devastated.  We were able to get her house fixed up quickly and she was so pleased that she even went and bought herself a gold toilet.

Wind, Rain, and Flood

3/1/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Wind, Rain, and Flood Flooded room from storm.

There are times in Florida when storms form unexpectedly.  This is never a good thing if a home owner has a weak roof, leaking windows, or live in low-lying areas.  Water will follow gravity and winds are unpredictable.  When it rains hard for three hours following days of constant rain, the already flooded water simply keep rising.  Home owners around our city are devastated when the rising waters begin to penetrate the house.  Can you imagine how helpless they feel watching it enter their house and not able to stop it?  Many have experienced just this, but were smart to pick the phone up and call SERVPRO of Vero Beach.  We can't stop the rain, but we can make your house feel "Like it never even happened."

Recovering from a Fire

2/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Recovering from a Fire Garage fire from faulty wiring.

Heavy smoke damage to this area of a local home was thoroughly cleaned utilizing a three step process involving high-surfactant detergent hand and rotary brush cleaning, HEPA air filtration and hydroxyl generation.  We pride ourselves on delivering beyond expectations, every time.  SERVPRO of Vero Beach uses our experience and expertise to develop a remediation plan for small jobs and for larger, more complex jobs to minimize down time and ensure the final product leaves our customers one hundred percent satisfied.  A final walk through with the customer is performed on every project, large or small, to make sure there are no details left unattended.  We also will follow up with a phone call and a letter to ensure customer satisfaction.  Call us today at (772)770-0501.