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drywall covered in many different kinds of mold; yellow and brown and black

Mold Overload

Check out this recent job: Mold growth was everywhere. Do not allow your home or business to end up looking like this. If you, your family, or your employees ever smell must or mold, have us come look at it. Leave it to the professionals, and don't wait until it's too late! 

Call (772) 770- 0501

duct machine connecting by a large tube to the return vent on the ceiling of a customer's home

The Process of Duct Cleaning

The process of a duct cleaning is a multi- step job within the home or business. In this picture, you can see the duct machine connected to the return vent in the ceiling by a large tube being held in place.

New Location!

We always come to you for appointments, feel free to pop in at our new location in Vero Beach. SERVPRO office is open Monday-Friday, 8-4 but we are just a call away 24/7, ready to be there in your time of emergency. Call (772) 770- 0501

Brand New Dehumidifiers

What is the purpose of a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier lowers the humidity in the room by pulling in moist, humid air and discharging dry, warm air. In your time of emergency, we are here to help in Vero Beach and surrounding areas. 

Vero Beach Air Movers

Our new Air Movers enhance evaporation at the surface level, reducing drying time in a water- damaged property.

We are prepared for speedy and smooth restoration in any water- damaged property!

New Equipment

Our brand new, top-of-the-line equipment has arrived! The faster our work is finished, the faster you can regain control of your home. The newest version of this equipment draws in less amperage than ever before and is very compact, allowing us to being in more to get the job done!

Our Team

We have an awesome team here at SERVPRO of Vero Beach. We are not only friendly, but also highly qualified professionals that want to make our customers lives easier when they experience an emergency- whether residential or commercial.

Boat Fire

When a boat's engine caught fire, soot clung to the inside of the boat. We were able to wipe down every inch, ozone the smell out, and make it look great afterwards!

Law Office Slab Leak

When you are working at your cubicle, you do not expect for your feet to feel squishy carpet under the desk. It was a slab leak that once fixed, we dried out in no time.

Check Under Everything

When flooding occurs, it is imperative to inspect under everything in your home such as carpet, padding, and baseboards.  Even the concrete foundation underneath needs to be examined and dried properly.


Even barns can flood out due to pipes bursting as shown in this picture. Not only did this barn had to be treated and cleaned, but the adjoining office as well.

Moisture or Leak

Whether you discover your window is actually leaking or just forms moisture, it is best to take care of it immediately.  In Florida you will find water damage can lead to mold if not handled quickly.

Proper Tools and Equipment Always

Sometimes a job can be like a puzzle piece where we have to maneuver our equipment precisely to get the most positive outcome.  This is what our techs are trained to do.

Demolition Day Removing Cabinets

Even though demolition can be loud and messy, we at SERVPRO make it a point to keep all days like this as neat as possible to prevent more stress on our clients.

We all have one of these.

Most of us have one of these and never think twice about them.  It is amazing how when one malfunctions, the amount of damage it can cause is horrendous if not caught early.  We always recommend taking precaution measures beforehand and strive to educate our clients.

Content Cleaning Included

We truly understand how sentimental some items may be to people.  Heirlooms are important and we do everything in our power to salvage what is salvageable.  We have done the research and will always do our best for the customer. 

Don't Fear, SERVPRO Is Here.

Whether it be a faulty pipe attachment, or possibly even human error, we at SERVPRO of Vero Beach will come out to your emergency no matter what time of day.  

SERVPRO Wants To Help

When an office was recently flooded, we were called out as an emergency.  The office was cleaned efficiently and dried before start of day Monday.  Some of the employees would have never known anything occurred had it not been for the equipment. 

Empty Contents

Just like when a storm surge ruins most of the contents in a house, a fire tends to do the same.  We try and salvage as much as we can.

Backed Up During Open House

It is exciting for a realtor to have an open house in hopes a potential buyer will come through and like what they see.  However, never did they expect the sewage to back up during the day.

Storm Remnants

After a typical storm in Florida, you never know what type of wind gust will pummel through.  That is what happened in this situation.  Wind and rain seeped in and days later mold formed.

In Vero Beach Storms Can Pass Through Daily

In Vero Beach, storms can develop quickly and unexpectedly.  Not always do the forecasters get it right.  The best thing is to be prepared always. This homeowner called us right away and we were able to secure quickly and minimize the damage.

Clean and Seal

Once we have established mold growth, we make sure to eradicate it completely by cleaning and sealing.  For more info, call us today.  (772)770-0501.  SERVPRO of Vero Beach can help!

Wooden Floors With Water Underneath

It is important to make sure if water gets up underneath a wooden floor that it gets dried properly.  If not, you will have created a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Roofers Oopsy

Many times we see roofs that are not as secure as the home owners would have liked.  The end result is a leaky roof, a company in trouble, and we are called in to clean up the rainwater following a storm.

Quick Service For Local Business

When a rain storm overwhelmed the roof of a local business, water poured in.  Being a small town, our guys were able to arrive less than 45 minutes after the call even being an after hours call.  We got it cleaned up with no business interruption for them.

Water Entering Via Roof in Local Business

When water comes in from the roof or from an appliance from a second story floor, it can double the damage sometimes.  Now you usually will have two areas you have damage to contain if not more.

Fire Aftermath in Vero Beach, Florida

Soot and smoke blanket anything and everything in its path.  We have certain machines that aid in removing the odor and also we have trained staff that handle jobs like this with detail.

Smoke and Fire Damage in Local Vero Beach Home

Fire damage can be devastating for you and your family. Feelings of confusion and stress are common, and you need a caring expert to guide you through this crisis. We always treat your family with the greatest empathy and respect, and we’ll treat your property with great care.

Fire Nightmare

When a fire starts in a home, it is devastating.  The smoke and soot literally seep into the walls, ceiling, and all contents.  We can help you in a crisis like we did with this home owner.

Sideways Rain

If you live in Florida, you know what I mean when I say sideways rain.  When a freak storm passed through the area, the heavy downpour and wind were no match for this window.

Dental Downer

A local dentist office had a complaint of a musky odor.  When we removed some furniture we could see that constant moisture provided the perfect atmosphere for mold growth.  We successfully remediated with minimal business interruption.

Department Store Nightmare

This department store hired a roofer to fix their roof, however, it was not done properly and as a storm moved through our area, water poured in once again flooding carpet, flooring, and products.  We were called out and were able to dry it out quickly for them.

Crawling Mold

Extensive mold growth as seen here, requires professional assistance who use specialized equipment.  If you have any concerns about mold, call SERVPRO of Vero Beach today! (772)770-0501.  We can help!

Broken Branch Damages Roof During Storm

In a recent summer storm, heavy winds caused branches to break off a tree damaging the roof of a residential home.  Soon after the home owner saw the rain leaking in to the home through the ceiling.

In A Flicker

When a lightening storm struck Vero Beach, this Florida home lost power.  When the power was restored, the breaker prevented the A/C to come back on.  Months later the owners returned to find their home full of mold.

Sewer Backup

This bathroom had a massive sewage loss. SERVPRO of Vero Beach was quick to respond and begin the cleaning process. 

With losses like this, it is critical to make sure that everything is cleaned up properly. Secondary damages can be much worse than the initial loss. 

In many cases the cause of the issue needs to be determined. In this case a plumber was needed to clean out the lines going into the house. 

If you have any questions about how to handle a water or sewage loss, feel free to call our office anytime at (772)770-0501.

Bathroom Repairs After Fire

This home was damaged by a fire that swept through and left behind soot and debris in several rooms, including this bathroom. 

Our team responded quickly to the call for help and got to work right away clearing soot and debris from the home. We had to make a few structural repairs as well.

When we finished getting everything cleaned up and got all the repairs made to the home, we left it looking "Like it never even happened."

If your home suffers fire damage like the one pictured here, give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We Have What It Takes

We have all the necessary equipment needed for any job whether it be water, fire, mold, smoke, or vandalism.  This bathroom was dried properly and quickly with the right equipment.

Commercial Water Leak in Vero Beach, FL

An A/C leak caused water damage in a vault during working hours.  The manager was able to call us right away and minimize the damage.  The business was able to remain open the entire day.

Commercial Water Damage from Rain and Roof

A local business suffered a water loss when the rain poured in from the roof.  The business was affected in the middle of the night, but our technicians were able to get there quickly and clean up the damage before sunrise.

What Lies Beneath

One may never really know the extent of mold growth until they remove the flooring and expose what is underneath.  If one only cleaned the top surfaces, then all of this mold beneath would have just continued to grow and fester.  We are always aware and thorough.

Moldy Magazines

This home had a lot of content to begin with, but one thing that really stood out was how moldy even the magazines were.  Mold loves books, magazines, and all paper products for sure!

Damage from a Cigarette

The damage from a lit cigarette dropping from a sleepy homeowners fingers, snowballed and spread to six units that join together.  If you run into an emergency like this one, don't hesitate!  Call us today.

Subsequent Water Damage in Vero Beach

Due to a leak in an adjoining business, the water seeped through the walls due to the slight decline in the parking lot structure.  It puddled prominently in one spot in a liquor store.

Importance of Thoroughness

With the strong odor of mold in this house, it was imperative to due our due diligence to find where it was coming from.  The techs knew to remove the baseboards in a closet to discover the pesky mold growth.

Layers of Mold

Mold grows rampant it seems in Florida homes.  With the amount of storms and snow birds we get here, it only makes sense.  This is a picture of a hamper covered with layers of mold.  If I told you how many mold spores can live on the tip of a pencil, it would make your stomach turn.

Faulty Vault

This unusual call occurred thankfully during business hours at a local bank.  The carpet in the vault was showing signs of a leak somewhere.  Since it was caught early enough the damage was minimal and SERVPRO Vero Beach techs got in and out quickly, leaving the bank to continue on with daily business.

Waking Up To A Nightmare

These homeowners got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night only to step onto a very soaked carpet.  SERVPRO Vero Beach was there within 30 minutes and the crew was able to suck out the water and start the drying process quickly.

Dryer Fire

We at SERVPRO VERO BEACH can not stress enough to make sure to clean out your dryer systems at least once every six month. We also recommend never starting your dryer and leaving your house.  Dryer fires are more common than they need to be.

Spreading Soot

This was definitely a damaging fire.  Although the fire itself was concentrated in the garage, the soot spread out vastly, attaching itself to all things, even creeping through the cracks of doors as seen in this picture.  We have products designed especially for soot and it came in handy for this job.  The homeowners were pleased with our work.

Destructive Damage From Storm

Hurricane Irma affected many in the state of Florida.  As seen in this picture, the rainwater poured into the house, flooding the entire house.  We removed water and carpet and dried out the home allowing the homeowners the ability to replace what they needed to afterwards.

Raining Inside

When we arrived on the scene, the office employees were trying to minimize the water damage by collecting it in tin bowls.  The second floor of this office flooded and started to pour onto the first floor through the roof.  

Surprise Visit

Thinking they were in the clear after the Hurricane passed through and the neighbor gave the thumbs up after performing a wellness check, the homeowners came home to a house infested with mold.  The neighbor did not realize the extent of moisture left behind from the storm surge.

Second Story Bathroom Blues

When a second story bathroom toilet overflowed, it poured water for awhile until being noticed.  The picture shows the ceiling of the bottom floor closet where the water had soaked through.

Minimum Time Record To Reopening

After Hurricane Irma plowed up the state of Florida, sand bags could not prevent the intense storm surge from entering a local restaurant.  Fortunately, they were the first ones we attended to and they were able to open the restaurant that night for dinner.

Narcissistic Mold Growth

Proof right here that mold does not limit itself to grow only in dark, unexposed areas.  It has no problem attaching itself to the full sized mirror underneath the cascade of luminescent lights to stare at itself all day long.  It did not end well for this mold.  SERVPRO once again made it "Like it never even happened."

No Short Cuts Allowed

This picture shows one that when water floods an area of a home, you can not simply sop up the water with a towel and be done.  We had to pull up the boards to ensure we dried all the water underneath them and avoid mold growth.

Melting Flames

This was the aftermath of an electrical fire in Vero Beach when we arrived on the scene.  There was significant smoke and soot damage. In the picture you can see how the flames were so hot it was melting the fascia.  The fire was mainly in the garage area and the owners were pleased with how fast we arrived on the scene and got to work immediately.  

Second Story Pipe Burst

A house over on the island in Vero Beach Florida was unoccupied when a pipe burst on the second floor.  By the time a property manager checked on the property, the water was coming through the ceiling and flooding the downstairs as well.  

Water Heater Line Burst in Vero Beach, FL

After a water heater line burst in the middle of the night, the owners woke to soaked carpets.  We were able to arrive quickly and suck the water up and within three days, the owners were back to normal "Like it never even happened".

Lunch and Learn

The owner of SERVPRO, Jimi Tunstall gives a short presentation about SERVPRO of Vero Beach to Billero and Billero Realty.  During Lunch and Learns, we provide lunch for the agents and answer any questions they may have about our business. Call us today to schedule your Lunch and Learn.

Containment At A Local Business

In order to prevent further contamination of an office in Vero Beach, we set up a containment door.  As you can see the room is still accessible and is able to keep the mold contained to a specific area while our crew works hard to clean it efficiently without spreading the spores to unaffected areas. 

Extreme Mold

With the right source and environment, mold can grow quickly and cover entire areas as it did in this extreme case.  With the tenant a snowbird, the mold was left unnoticed until a handyman entered and was shocked at what he found. 

Extreme Mold

With the right source and environment, mold can grow quickly and cover entire areas as it did in this extreme case.  With the tenant a snowbird, the mold was left unnoticed until a handyman entered and was shocked at what he found. 

Fuzzy Mold

This is a picture of one an extreme mold case that we were called out to.  The entire house had wall to wall mold that looked like a fuzzy, stubbly beard was growing every where. 

Storm Readyness

When you know that a storm or hurricane is on it's way, the best ways to be prepared and ready is to sign up at and follow the next steps:  Learn your risks and responses. Make a family communications plan. Build an emergency supply kit. Get involved in preparedness in your    community. Make sure your home is secure. Have SERVPRO's contact on your emergency list, in case of damage to your home.

Flooding After Hurricane Irma In Your County.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that higher sea levels pose a number of threats to coastal communities, including making coastal infrastructure more vulnerable to damage from storms because that infrastructure was not designed to withstand frequent inundation or exposure to salt water. During Hurricane Irma, we experienced such flooding in Indian River and St. Lucie Counties.

But flooding is not exclusive to coastlines or waterway. Flash flooding, hurricanes, and prolonged rainy season cans affect any property not just those in a flood plane.  Knowing this having a conversation with you insurance provider to determine what is and isn't covered in your policy will help prepare you in the event that this happens to you.

Storm Damage In Vero Beach

Few things grab our attention like a summer thunderstorm. Steamy temperatures and turbulent atmospheric conditions can cause catastrophic results to your home. They can also produce damaging winds, floods, tree and roof damage. SERVPRO of Vero Beach is able to take care of your remediation needs.

Kitchen Fire in Vero Beach Home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Vero Beach home when we arrived on scene. The fire began in the kitchen and as you can see there was significant damage in the entire home.  We were able to save many of their personal possessions as well as their furnishings. We cleaned the soot from the ceilings and walls where we were able to and removed construction material that were totally damaged. The homeowners were thrilled with the finished product.

Fire Damage

An unwanted chain of events in one disaster can be very stressful for anybody, but when SERVPRO of Vero Beach is on the job we will take all the stress away. Our team responded to a loss that was affected by fire. We assured the homeowner we were qualified and would restore the affected areas back to a condition that would show no signs of damage. Upon completion of the job the homeowner was highly satisfied.

Mold Damage

This is what happens when water intrusions are not quickly and PROPERLY mitigated: mold growth.  Here you'll see a contamination extending a good foot high off the floor. At the time of a flood, many property owners tell us, "It'll dry on it's own." What some owners don't realize, is if it takes too long to dry the home is at risk of getting mold damage. 

Mushrooms Growing Out Of Ceiling

This is a rare occurrence, but at SERVPRO of Vero Beach we have seen it all! This property had mold damage developed to a degree, that mushrooms started sprouting out of the painted ceiling. Assessment testing was done and revealed high levels of mold spore count. SERVPRO cleaned it up and received a passing clearance test on first attempt.

Tropical Storm Hits This Historical Building

When a tropical storm hit this Historical Building causing severe water intrusion. SERVPRO was able to remove the water and dry out the wooden floors without any damage. SERVPRO's special techniques allowed the wood to dry "Like it never even happened."

Church Water Loss

A church in Vero Beach suffered a loss due to a broken main line that caused significant water damage to the local church. Our technicians at SERVPRO were hard at work to remove all water and start the drying process. Our heavy duty drying equipment was up to the task and we had the church back up before Sunday service.

SERVPRO's Rapid Response for Your Commercial Needs!

There is no commercial job to big or to small that our team is not equipped to manage. From the small residential jobs to a full-blown commercial water loss, SERVPRO of Vero Beach will get you up and running in no time. SERVPRO had this commercial plant dried and within hours the business was fully operational again. Call us for your remediation needs at (772)770-0501.

Kitchen Fire in Vero Beach, FL

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Vero Beach. When we arrived on the scene, there was smoke and soot damage. The owner could not believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling. SERVPRO of Vero Beach make disasters "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Vero Beach Lunch And Learn

Bilero & Bilero Properties offered SERVPRO of Vero Beach an opportunity to do a Lunch and Learn at their business facility. Jimi Tunstall owner of SERVPRO of Vero Beach explaining some of our services offered at SERVPRO. There was about twenty agents with interesting questions. SERVPRO was excited to share some knowledge on day to day occurrences in the business and to help Bilero & Bilero better serve the Vero Beach community in their insurance needs.

Touch A Truck 2017 Festival

SERVPRO Of Vero Beach was so excited to take part in the "Touch A Truck 2017 Festival" in Vero Beach.

Approximately 2,000 people showed up at the event. There was a wide variety of trucks and our green SERVPRO truck stood out at the event. Many children enjoyed scouting out our equipment and walking up the ramp which also gave us an opportunity to share all the services we offer at SERVPRO and hand out some pamphlets. 

We were delighted to be part of this community event hosted by Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative.

First Class Production Team

SERVPRO of Vero Beach is proud to present a superb production team.  Wayne Lombaard, Gregory Williams and Matthew Mc Carthy are always hard at work making our customers their number one priority! 

Major Thunderstorm and Flooding in Vero Beach

Wayne Lombaard, a Production Technician with SERVPRO of Vero Beach, had to empty water out of his boot after working in knee-high flooding surrounding the Heritage Center in downtown Vero Beach.

Flooding at the Vero Beach Heritage Center

SERVPRO showed up to work after the inside of the Heritage Center in Vero Beach began taking in water after a big thunderstorm brought more than seven inches of rain. This was one of the wettest days Vero Beach has seen in years.