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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damage to Commercial Building in Fort Pierce

A toilet leak created an inch of standing water in this Fort Pierce business. SERVPRO of Vero Beach worked around the clock to restore the effected area and pre... READ MORE

Water Damage to Home in Vero Beach

This family's Vero Beach residence experienced serious water damage after the maid left the faucet running in upstairs bathroom. SERVPRO of Vero Beach has the e... READ MORE

Water Damage to Home in Vero Beach

This Vero Beach home suffered serious damage after a toilet drain leak to the family's brand new recently moved in home. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Vero ... READ MORE

Mold infestation in Vero Beach

This Vero Beach family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to a pipe leak that went undetected for six months. Believe it or not, mold p... READ MORE

For Immediate Service in Vero Beach, Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Vero Beach provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in Indian River County. We can respond immediate... READ MORE

For Immediate Service Call SERVPRO Of Vero Beach

Vero Beach home SERVPRO of Vero Beach provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in Indian River County. We can r... READ MORE

Mold Damage in a Vero Beach Home

The leak from a Vero Beach damaged roof caused mold to grow under crown molding, drywall, window trim and baseboard. The homeowners became concerned after they ... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Vero Beach Cottage

This Vero Beach Cottage was not under proper maintenance, resulting in mold growth due to the conducive conditions for mold. An extensive demolition was require... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Vero Beach Warehouse

Storm damage at this Vero Beach Warehouse was the result of extremely high-speed wind gusts that repeatedly tore at the structure. The roofing was significantly... READ MORE

Water Damage to Commercial Building in Vero Beach

This commercial building in Vero Beach was affected by water damage due to a broken water pipe in the ceiling. The water damage affected all the office space an... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Vero Beach Historical Site

Storm damage resulted in this Vero Beach Historical Building due to a Tropical Storm. SERVPRO of Vero Beach was quickly called to clean up the water damage left... READ MORE

Flooded Warehouse in Vero Beach

A quick response to this water damaged Vero Beach Warehouse is the best way to stop any further damage that can lead to greater problems. SERVPRO of Vero Beach ... READ MORE

Supply Line Burst Causing Vero Beach Water Damage

A toilet supply line burst and managed to cause substantial water damage to this Vero Beach property. The linoleum floor was saturated. SERVPRO of Vero Beach re... READ MORE

Water Leak In Indian River County Community Clubhouse

This flooded Clubhouse in Indian River County, was the result of a broken ice maker pipe. It was noticed by one of the office staff, when she saw water streamin... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage in Fort Pierce Home

This is a large residential property we were called to because a hot water heater broke and ran for several days before their neighbor discovered the water dama... READ MORE

Mold Damage In Your Home

The homeowner discovered mold in their home after a water leak. Notice the extent of the mold damage. The homeowner was concerned about cross contamination as w... READ MORE

Excess Rainwater

After a storm rolled through Fort Pierce, Florida, the excess rainfall overflowed the canals, which seeped into a residential home. The homeowners felt helples... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

When the stove caught fire it unleashed a fire so great that the entire kitchen had to be gutted and restored. It was a devastating loss for the home owner. T... READ MORE

Ammunition Gone Wild

When a local gun range had an amateur shoot a flare accidentally it sparked a fire and burned the rubber producing tons of soot, smoke, and damage. The fire de... READ MORE

Content Haul Off

After a fire ravaged through a home in Vero Beach, Florida, the yard was littered with content that had to be hauled off to the dump. The items seemed endless ... READ MORE

Bathroom Blues

Waking up to water up to your ankles unfortunately is not as uncommon as you may think. This homeowner did just that. Upon arising one morning, the toilet had... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom

It is definitely not fun when a toilet overflows and believe it or not it is such a common phenomenon here in Vero Beach. We see it many times. Weirdly it see... READ MORE

Roof No Match For Storm

When Hurricane Irma passed through our area, the need for a roofer increased 100%. We could have renamed our area blue tarp City. The storms ferocious winds g... READ MORE

Outside In

The constant beating of wind and rain pushed a tree limb into the side of a home which made the outside vulnerable and weak. Rain water seeped inside into the ... READ MORE

Gotta Go Mold

A damaged roof went unnoticed for months until the family began to smell a musky odor. Concerned, they called SERVPRO of VERO BEACH and we were able to come ou... READ MORE

Smelly Mold

Underneath the kitchen sink of a Vero Beach home was a small leak that went unnoticed for an unknown period of time. The couple argued about the smell if it sm... READ MORE

Commercial Clubhouse Floods Out

The property manager for a local retirement living community called after hours complaining of lots of water flooding out the recreation/clubhouse. We were abl... READ MORE

Flooded Clubhouse

We received a call from the property manager of an upscale community clubhouse that had water pouring down from the ceiling. SERVPRO technicians were at the sc... READ MORE

Soot Layers

Fires can be devastating. They leave visual damage as well as non visual damage such as smell. After a kitchen stove caught fire, SERVPRO Vero Beach was calle... READ MORE

Spotted Sky Light Cleaned

No shortage of sore arms after this fire job. The kitchen fire may have been caught early, but the fire does its damage quickly. The soot finds its ways in be... READ MORE

Hidden Danger

A slow leak from a pipe went undetected for months and was a perfect opportunity for mold growth. Upon opening up the wall, the backside of the drywall reveale... READ MORE

Rolled Up Carpets Can Still Contain Mold

Nothing is off limits for mold. Even though the area throw rugs were rolled up tightly, the mold still finds it's way into the folds. They need a deep clean j... READ MORE

Casualties of Neighbors

When the owners of a liquor store walked into their business, they were grieved to discover soaked carpets. The pizza business next door had a pipe burst and t... READ MORE

Bathroom Blues

This family’s Vero Beach residence experienced water damage after the tub overflowed. SERVPRO of Vero Beach has the expertise and equipment to mitigate re... READ MORE

Vero Beach Water Damage Carpet

The leak stained the carpet on the landing area of this home in Vero Beach Florida. Though the carpet and padding were not in jeopardy of becoming non-salvageab... READ MORE

Moldy Closet

When a closet has damp clothing and poor ventilation, mold growth is a common occurrence. These fungi harm the baseboard, walls, and also the clothing, all pote... READ MORE

Leaky Faucet

This office was flooded in an isolated area because of a faulty sink in the restroom. The renters at this accounting firm immediately called the management comp... READ MORE

Midnight and Weekend Surprise

A pipe leaked in the ceiling of a home and water started pooling. After a period of time it collapsed the ceiling and poured out of the pipe directly. Our crew... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway

This flooded hallway in Vero Beach was the result of a broken toilet. The homeowners woke up to squishiness under their feet in the middle of the night. The t... READ MORE

Heavy Rainstorm Wreaking Havoc

With ten days of continuous stormy weather, roofing repairs were put on hold. Unfortunately this was not good for the homeowner. Water poured into a section o... READ MORE

Seal Coating

When a high end home was exposed to weeks with mold, the homeowner decided to gut the second floor. As the owner requested, we removed all the contents and dry... READ MORE


During work hours, a local business had a sewer backup in one of their restrooms. We were called out and the techs were able to put on their protective gear an... READ MORE

Toilet/Pipe Burst in Vero Beach

A business had water gushing out from the bathroom and called us right away. We were there within the hour, but the water had already even moved out to the off... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Vero Beach

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called into this commercial property because a water heater leaked onto the floor, effecting the carpet. Our highly trained specialist... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof Leaks Water Onto Stairs

During a recent storm, this homeowner was dismayed to discover a patch in his ceiling was leaking a steady flow of water onto his stairway. We received the pan... READ MORE

The Midnight Hour

This home owner awoke in the middle of the night to water pouring out from his toilet and running right out the front door. No matter what time of day it is, o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Heater Leak in Vero Beach, Fl

A Veterinarian's office flooded this week due to the water heater leaking. In the after picture you can see it is bare. You can only imagine how much equipmen... READ MORE

Behind the Wall Mold in Vero Beach, FL

At first glance you can see that there may be mold where the baseboards are but you never know the extent of it or how high it goes until you start removing the... READ MORE

Hidden Water Heater

In this particular home, the water heater was hidden behind the drywall. The leak was significant and by the time it was noticed, most of the house needed to b... READ MORE

Lending a Helping Hand

Sub contractors are human and sometimes make mistakes. I can attest to this. However, it is nice when you can trust another local business to step in and help... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Vero Beach Home

With excessive leaking going undetected for weeks in a Vero Beach, Florida home; mold will surely grow as seen in these pictures. By the time the home owner re... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Cleanup and Reconstruction

Electrical Fire caused soot and damage throughout a home. Here we deodorized and provided reconstruction services to the entire house including this laundry roo... READ MORE

Faulty Electrical Fire

Fires from faulty electrical wiring or a lightning strike can have the same effect on a Vero Beach property. Significant fire-damaged building elements like ins... READ MORE

Storming In

In many storms, storm damage affects cleaning and restoration situations; immediate response is required. At SERVPRO of Vero Beach, our quick response helps to ... READ MORE

Storming the Attic in Vero Beach

Tropical storms can have winds strong enough to rip off sections of a roof on a commercial and residential structures. With the strong currents comes a deluge o... READ MORE

Bedroom on Fire

This bedroom is an example of what happens when a room is consumed in smoke and flames. Homeowners are already besides themselves and really need someone they ... READ MORE

Dangers Lurking in the Kitchen

When we visit your home after a fire loss, we will scope the effected areas to determine the extent of the loss. We will always pretest affected surfaces to det... READ MORE

Fire in the Hole

Fire damage destroyed this bathroom and SERVPRO of Vero Beach restored it to brand new. The drywall, and everything in the bathroom was removed. The studs and s... READ MORE

Stormy in Vero Beach

This family’s Vero Beach home suffered serious damage after a recent rain storm. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Vero Beach and we were able to help the... READ MORE

Residential House Fire In Vero Beach

This fire was luckily contained after the fire department removed the smoldering appliance from the home. The before picture shown here is the aftermath of the... READ MORE

Proper Equipment Set Up

When you are in the midst of a water emergency due to a storm, the last thing on your mind is what type of equipment is my water mitigation company going to use... READ MORE

Storm Reconstruction

A storm whether it be a rain storm, a snow storm, a wind storm, they can all wreak havoc on your home. Do you think to call SERVPRO of Vero Beach when an emerg... READ MORE

Garage Debris

Garages can hold many boxes for convenient storage for clients. However, they can become nightmares when threatened by water flooding. Cardboard boxes are kno... READ MORE

Only What Needs To Be Done

At SERVPRO of Vero Beach, we only perform work that needs to be done. If an area as seen in the before picture, can be dried without cutting out the drywall, t... READ MORE

Clearing Is Very Important

Clearing away all the content and debris out of the way is important so we do not miss anything. No corners will be cut on our watch. Once items are removed, ... READ MORE

First Things First

When there is any kind of moisture damage that can be salvaged, we will dry out the area, allowing us to then use our carefully crafted products on it that will... READ MORE

Here For Our Businesses

We take pride in serving our community. The owner of SERVPRO of Vero Beach knows a thing or two about serving for he served our country for over 20 years. He ... READ MORE

We All Have Those Days.

Some days are better than others. I have known to be forgetful some days, while others I am on top of my game. This client accidentally left the water running... READ MORE

Squishy Carpet

This flooded hallway was the result of an over flowed wash machine. The water soaked the carpet and entered other adjoining rooms as well. Our process is to r... READ MORE

Dreadful Flooding

After a water heater leaked, this vacant house flooded at it's own pace. Eventually when it was checked on, the property manager called us immediately. We wer... READ MORE

Waiting Room

In this commercial building, we were called out to dry out the second story floor that was beginning to come through the ceiling on the first floor. This job w... READ MORE

Hard To See Carpet

The carpet in this business was soaked over the weekend, but it is hard to see due to the coloring of the carpet. Thankfully, a hardworking go-getter wanted to... READ MORE

Retirement Park

This unoccupied dwelling was a mess when we arrived. It also had an amazing phenomena occur where water beaded on ever surface of each room. The Park manager ... READ MORE


Backed up toilets are never fun. Our highly trained technicians will begin the water removal process almost immediately. Depending on the amount of water, we m... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning after Vero Beach Storm

Our professional cleaning can address moderate and heavy soil conditions in your carpets after a storm floods your downstairs. How often you’ll need profe... READ MORE

Mold Infestation In Vero Beach

This Vero Beach family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home. A lot of the mold wasn't even visible throughout the house. All of the mold you see ... READ MORE

Backed up Bathroom in Vero Beach

This home in Vero Beach experienced a plumbing issue which caused multiple toilets and drains to become backed up. This family was not able to use any bathrooms... READ MORE

Vero Beach Kitchen Suffers Water Damage

SERVPRO of Vero Beach got a call about a bedroom in a home that had water running down its wall, due to a rainstorm. Our crew departed immediately to investigat... READ MORE

Time for a Duct Cleaning

You should know that your ducts are overdue for a cleaning when there is dust continually settling throughout your house, when your whole family has allergies, ... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Vero Beach

This customer's roof caved into the storage room and then later, found mold everywhere. Once our team arrived, they tested and concurred that the walls and ceil... READ MORE

Unexpected Mold Behind Baseboards

The homeowners initially called us out for a water loss in their home. Upon arrival, the crew began removing damaged flooring and baseboards to dry out the wall... READ MORE

Mold in Hidden Spaces

These are before and after pictures of a mold job we completed last week. There was mold growing behind one of the cabinets in this homeowner's kitchen. We disc... READ MORE

Restoring a Soaked Bedroom Carpet

After a devastating water loss due to a broken toilet supply line, the client called SERVPRO of Vero Beach and had their technicians arrive within 90 minutes of... READ MORE

Fire and Soot Cleanup In Vero Beach Home

A golf cart battery was brought inside a home in South Vero Beach to recharge at an outlet when suddenly there was an explosion. The battery caught fire and cov... READ MORE

Water Extraction in Fort Pierce Restaurants

One evening, after closing up a restaurant in Fort Pierce, one of the exterior doors was left open and that night a big rainstorm came through. Due to the open ... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Sebastian Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach got a phone call the morning after this home experienced a fire. The owners said that there was an electrical fire which started in the at... READ MORE

Vero Beach Retail Store Experiences Water Damage

Can you imagine walking into work as a manager to find the store flooded? That is what happened to the employees of a retail store in Vero Beach. SERVPRO of Ver... READ MORE

Tropical Storm Calls for Kitchen Remediation

A tropical storm passed through Vero Beach and left this home in need of remediation. The roof was not in the best condition to begin with, but it made matters ... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Disaster Cleanup

One afternoon SERVPRO of Vero Beach got a call that a local home had a hot water heater that leaked and flooded the kitchen. Just a few hours later, the technic... READ MORE

Old Gum Removed from Vero Beach Carpet

A tenant was getting ready to vacate a condo she had been renting and noticed gum dried onto the carpet. She called SERVPRO of Vero Beach to schedule a carpet c... READ MORE

Drain Back-up at Indian River County Business

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called out for emergency services at this Indian River County business. The drain had unexpectedly backed up into the kitchen leaving ... READ MORE

Nicotine Build-up In Home

Here is a door from a home that had nicotine stains built up from years of indoor smoking. Nicotine can cause staining on hard surfaces as well as, leave a ling... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Fort Pierce Car Dealership

We received a call from this highline car dealership in Fort Pierce to mitigate water damage in their showroom. Their roof was under repair by a local roofing c... READ MORE

Grease Fire in Vero Beach Kitchen

Flames and smoke from a grease fire spread quickly in this kitchen, leaving behind significant damage. We were called to the property after the fire department ... READ MORE

AC Leak Requires Water Remediation

One morning a homeowner woke up to disastrous sight- her hardwood floors were covered in water. Unfortunately her air conditioning unit had been leaking through... READ MORE

Storm Causes Water Damage

Summer storms in Florida can be a real problem with the amount of rainfall that occurs within those few months. Unfortunately, this customer’s kitchen exp... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Fort Pierce

Imagine the terrible experience of smelling smoke in your home and then realizing it was a room that was on fire. This is what happened to a SERVPRO customer. T... READ MORE

Flooded Indian River Warehouse

SERVPRO of Vero Beach responded to this large water loss in a commercial warehouse. The cause of loss was from flash flooding during a recent storm. Upon arriva... READ MORE

Washing Machine Leak in Vero Beach, FL

We were called out to this Vero Beach home after a washing machine leak caused water damage in the laundry room. Our team arrived onsite to begin mitigation. We... READ MORE

Salvaged Oriental Rug

This homeowner called SERVPRO of Vero Beach out after they had a water loss in their living room that resulted in damage to their oriental rugs and hardwood flo... READ MORE

Mold Discovered During Kitchen Renovations in Sebastian, FL

The owner of this home discovered mold behind his cabinets after he removed them to start a kitchen update. He immediately called SERVPRO of Vero Beach. Upon fu... READ MORE

Toilet Leak in Vero Beach, FL Clinic

A toilet line broke leaving the floors of this local clinic saturated with water. The staff attempted to stop the spread of water using paper towels. They calle... READ MORE

Roof Leaks During Vero Beach, FL Storm

The roof of this garage sustained damage during the last hurricane season. The owners had decided to hold off on fixing the roof since there was no leak at the ... READ MORE

Pipe bursts in Indian River Shores, FL Kitchen

A pipe burst in this Indian River Shores home when the owner was trying to mount a paper towel rack to the kitchen wall. Their drill bit hit a pipe between the ... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning in Vero Beach, FL

Rachel, our marketing rep, and her husband recently purchased their first home together. They had chosen a “fixer upper” so they could put in some s... READ MORE

Mold at Indian River Animal Shelter

We were called by a non-profit animal shelter, local to Indian River County, to remediate mold that was growing up the wall from the floors. The cause of loss w... READ MORE

Storm Surge Floods Indian River Estates Garage

When it rains, it pours! Florida is referred to as the Sunshine State, but we are also the lightning capital of the world. Our rain can last days, sometimes wee... READ MORE

Leak from Neighboring Condo in Vero Beach, FL

SERVPRO of Vero Beach contacted by this homeowner after they noticed water was dripping from their bathroom light fixture. When SERVPRO of Vero Beach’s te... READ MORE

Post Renovation Clean-up in Sebastian, FL Home

This Sebastian, FL home was recently purchased by a young couple. Before moving in, they wanted to give the bathroom and kitchen an update. They completely remo... READ MORE

Sebastian Office Mold Clean-up!

The new owners of this commercial space called SERVPRO of Vero Beach to remediate mold that was growing in one of the offices of their newly purchased space. We... READ MORE

Small House Fire in Vero Beach, FL

We were called to this property to mitigate damage left behind by a small fire. The homeowner was vacuuming when they smelled something burning. To their shock ... READ MORE

Balcony Leak Leads to Water Damage

Water seeped into this Sebastian, FL master bedroom from the attached balcony. To be more specific, the water from rain had collected on the balcony, eventually... READ MORE

Rodent Damage Cleaning at Gifford, FL Home

This was a vacant home in Gifford, FL that had recently been purchased. It had been left vacant for several years before going on the market and making it a pri... READ MORE

Mold In Vero Beach, FL Water Heater Closet

The tenants renting this Vero Beach home began to notice a musky smell. They figured out the smell was coming from the water heater closet in the laundry room. ... READ MORE

Utility Sink Leak in Vero Beach, FL

The owners of this home noticed that the utility sink in the garage was leaking. As in this case, water is notorious for migrating to unsuspecting places. The l... READ MORE

Dryer Fire in Vero Beach, FL Home

We received a call from the owner of this home after lint build-up had sparked a dryer fire. The washer and dryer were located on the second floor. Thankfully, ... READ MORE

Salvaging Shiplap in Vero Beach, FL

The owner of this home called us to remediate a water loss that began in the laundry room and ended in the bathroom, across the hall. They had just finished upd... READ MORE

Mold in Vero Beach Kitchen

The mold in this home was caused by a slow leak in the plumbing of the kitchen sink. The leak was in a section of the pipe that was behind the cabinet. This gav... READ MORE

Nicotine Treatment in Vero Beach, FL Condo

The owner of this condo called SERVPRO of Vero Beach to clean the nicotine build up in their home. The home had been smoked in for almost a decade prior to the ... READ MORE

Water Intrusion in Vero Beach, FL Home

This is a home that was located in a flood zone and experienced water intrusion during a hurricane. The water had flooded up the driveway and into the garage, e... READ MORE

Fire in Vero Beach, FL Kitchen

The homeowner had placed a pan of bacon in the oven to bake for breakfast. About 15 minutes into cooking they noticed a burning smell and smoke seeping from the... READ MORE

Air Conditioning Leak in Vero Beach Hotel

The air conditioning unit of this hotel room had leaked water onto the floor throughout the night. We were called after the hotel staff received complaints from... READ MORE

Dryer Duct Cleaning in Sebastian, FL

The owners of this home called us to come out and clean their dryer ducts. They said their dryer was taking 2-3 cycles to dry clothes. When our crew arrived to ... READ MORE

Biohazard Clean-up in Indian River County, FL

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called out to clean up a blood spill after an elderly man slipped and fell getting out of bed. Our team arrived quickly to begin clean... READ MORE

Ceiling Leak in Vero Beach, FL Condo

This condo experienced water damage to the flooring in the master bedroom near the doorway. The water was dripping from the ceiling because of a cracked plumbin... READ MORE

Water Remediation in Vero Beach, FL Office

This office had water migrate into the adjacent room from the bathroom. The seals in the water feed line on the toilet had eroded over time. This is normal wear... READ MORE

Commercial Grout Cleaning in Sebastian, FL

A Sebastian, FL business contacted SERVPRO of Vero Beach to clean the grout and tiles in their offices. Using professional grade equipment and products our tech... READ MORE

Sewage Back up In Vero Beach, FL Shower

No one expects to enter their shower and find that sewage has backed up through the drain. Most people respond exactly like this home owner did, confused and re... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Vero Beach, FL Townhome

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was contracted by the owners of this townhome to remediate mold damage in their washer/dryer closet. The mold was caused by a slow, small ... READ MORE


This popular food and beverage retailer retained SERVPRO of Vero Beach to removed orange staining that had built up in their bathroom sink. Typically, orange st... READ MORE

Total Loss to Total Restore for this Vero Beach, FL Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called out to remediate and restore this home after it had been totally consumed by fire. These pictures are a very dramatic represent... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wood Floors in Indian River Estate

The wood floors in the Indian River estate were left irreparably damaged after the ground floor became flooded from a corroded toilet line in the guest bathroom... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Sebastian, FL Bathroom

We were called out to remediate mold that had begun to grow on the wall of this Sebastian, FL master bathroom. The homeowners had noticed a musty odor in the ba... READ MORE

Gun Shot Wound in Vero Beach, FL Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach is well known for our incredible restoration abilities after fire, water, or mold has damaged a property. However, we do not only offer th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Sebastian, FL Home

This home had damage from water that leaked from a damaged hose line on the washing machine. The leak went unnoticed for several house giving the water enough t... READ MORE

Flash Floods Intrude Into Vero Beach, FL Restaurant

This water damaged Vero Beach restaurant was the result of flash flooding from recent storms that crossed through Indian River County. We were contacted by the ... READ MORE

Water Migrates Under Sink Vanity in Sebastian, FL Home

SERVPRO of Vero Beach was called out to mitigate water damage in Sebastain, FL master bathroom. The owner of this property had begun to run water for a bath the... READ MORE

Water Leak in Vero Beach, FL Condo

We were called by the owners of this condo after they notice water leaking out from a seam where the baseboard connects to the door frame. Upon arrival our tech... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos