Water Damage Photo Gallery

wetlands with text

Fun Fact Friday 3/18/22

Wetlands are like sponges and help regulate changing water levels. If you get flood damage, call us today! Follow us on Instagram @SERVPROofVeroBeach

Man unpacking boxes of drying equipment.

New Equipment for SERVPRO Of Vero Beach

Unboxing day means new equipment for SERVPRO of Vero Beach! Our goal is to remain a reputable company by completing excellent work for our customers. Thank you all for the support in our growing business.#TeamGreen

Woman posing next to her finished art projects.

SERVPRO of Vero Beach attends "Take, Make, and Give"

We had a fun time participating in the Brackett library's Take, Make and Give project! Pick up an art kit, make the project, and return it back. They all get delivered to local senior facilities to brighten the resident's day!

Two women standing on a sheriff's boat

Celebrating the 27th Annual IRC Sheriff's BBQ

Our office manager Laura & marketing rep Rachel  had a great time at the 27th Annual Indian River County Sheriff's BBQ which supports the Florida Sheriff Youth Ranch!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach



Three women standing in front of a car.

Celebrating National Pistachio Day in Vero Beach, FL

At Certus Vero Beach - Premier Memory Care Living, they know how important pistachios are for your brain health, so they are giving out pistachios to celebrate!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach



woman in black jacket sitting at a white desk.

It's always great day at SERVPRO of Vero Beach!

Owner, Ursula Tunstall is staying warm indoors and working hard at the office today! Wishing you a great rest of the week! SERVPRO of Vero Beach www.SERVPROverobeach.com (772) 770-0501

Three toddlers standing next to a stone monument

Happy Camping!

Three of the SERVPRO of Vero Beach grand babies are enjoying their annual camping trip with Bullie the SERVPRO bulldog!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach



woman ringing bell next to red Salvation Army collection pot.

"Doing the Most Good"

Christmas festivities have begun here at SERVPRO of Vero Beach! Rachel spent time ringing the bell for Salvation Army outside of Walmart. It was Great seeing so many familiar faces! 

Air movers lined up in a hallway with the words “Water Damage? Give us a call.”

Got water damage?

Our team at SERVPRO of Vero Beach understands that you may be feeling stressed and vulnerable when you first discover a water loss. This is why you need a team of experts to help you through this crisis. From the moment you call our office, we guide you through every step of the process. Every person on our team is fully trained in their function of the water remediation process. If you have a damage from water, give our office a call at 772-770-0501, we are here to help!

A technician checking a wall for moisture

Water Can't Hide from SERVPRO!

With the many tools SERVPRO of Vero Beach has at their disposal, water damage has no place to run! From walls to carpets and attics to cabinets, if there's water, we can find it!

Water covering a Hallway

More Than Meets The Eye

While cleaning this hallway of water may look simple enough to just use a mop, you'd be mistaken. Without using the proper equipment, those walls will start to grow mold and eventually collapse! Please give us a call to prevent any further damage.

Laminate Flooring being removed by a Technician

No Job is too Big

One pipe leak left too long can bring immense damage to a home or commercial building such as flooding every square inch of the home, but you can count on SERVPRO to help swiftly mitigate any and all water damage.

Soaked Carpet

We're the Experts in Water Restoration!

With SERVPRO's 50+ years of experience, there is almost no place that we haven't already dried. Whether water is in your carpet, cabinets or even your attic, we know how to dry it out!

SERVPRO Production Technician Mitigating Damage

SERVPRO Production Technician Mitigating Damage

After a pipe in the bathroom had bust during a home remodeling, the neighboring rooms were quickly flooded. The client quickly called SERVPRO of Vero Beach and had technicians arrive within 90 minutes of the call. All water was extracted and equipment was placed to prevent the walls from collapsing from excessive moisture absorption.

Two men posing together in front of church alter with blue lights and projector screen in the background

Joined in for Sunday Service!

Our Crew Chief, Victor was able to attend Sunday service at Oceans Unite Christian Centre after a successful water loss clean up!

SERVPRO of Vero Beach



Vero Beach Air Movers

Our new Air Movers enhance evaporation at the surface level, reducing drying time in a water- damaged property.

We are prepared for speedy and smooth restoration in any water- damaged property!

Check Under Everything

When flooding occurs, it is imperative to inspect under everything in your home such as carpet, padding, and baseboards.  Even the concrete foundation underneath needs to be examined and dried properly.

Moisture or Leak

Whether you discover your window is actually leaking or just forms moisture, it is best to take care of it immediately.  In Florida you will find water damage can lead to mold if not handled quickly.

Wooden Floors With Water Underneath

It is important to make sure if water gets up underneath a wooden floor that it gets dried properly.  If not, you will have created a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Roofers Oopsy

Many times we see roofs that are not as secure as the home owners would have liked.  The end result is a leaky roof, a company in trouble, and we are called in to clean up the rainwater following a storm.

Water Entering Via Roof in Local Business

When water comes in from the roof or from an appliance from a second story floor, it can double the damage sometimes.  Now you usually will have two areas you have damage to contain if not more.

We Have What It Takes

We have all the necessary equipment needed for any job whether it be water, fire, mold, smoke, or vandalism.  This bathroom was dried properly and quickly with the right equipment.

Faulty Vault

This unusual call occurred thankfully during business hours at a local bank.  The carpet in the vault was showing signs of a leak somewhere.  Since it was caught early enough the damage was minimal and SERVPRO Vero Beach techs got in and out quickly, leaving the bank to continue on with daily business.

Waking Up To A Nightmare

These homeowners got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night only to step onto a very soaked carpet.  SERVPRO Vero Beach was there within 30 minutes and the crew was able to suck out the water and start the drying process quickly.

Second Story Bathroom Blues

When a second story bathroom toilet overflowed, it poured water for awhile until being noticed.  The picture shows the ceiling of the bottom floor closet where the water had soaked through.

No Short Cuts Allowed

This picture shows one that when water floods an area of a home, you can not simply sop up the water with a towel and be done.  We had to pull up the boards to ensure we dried all the water underneath them and avoid mold growth.

Second Story Pipe Burst

A house over on the island in Vero Beach Florida was unoccupied when a pipe burst on the second floor.  By the time a property manager checked on the property, the water was coming through the ceiling and flooding the downstairs as well.  

Water Heater Line Burst in Vero Beach, FL

After a water heater line burst in the middle of the night, the owners woke to soaked carpets.  We were able to arrive quickly and suck the water up and within three days, the owners were back to normal "Like it never even happened".

Major Thunderstorm and Flooding in Vero Beach

Wayne Lombaard, a Production Technician with SERVPRO of Vero Beach, had to empty water out of his boot after working in knee-high flooding surrounding the Heritage Center in downtown Vero Beach.

Flooding at the Vero Beach Heritage Center

SERVPRO showed up to work after the inside of the Heritage Center in Vero Beach began taking in water after a big thunderstorm brought more than seven inches of rain. This was one of the wettest days Vero Beach has seen in years.